Why Routine Persian Carpet Cleaning Is Necessary

When a Persian carpet is first purchased, it is so vibrant and beautiful. As consumers we want to make sure what we buy always looks its best. But as time goes on, nothing can prevent a rug from getting dirty, and eventually a rug will be stained by food, drinks spills, high foot traffic, pet odors, and/or shedding.
When your rug has become so dirty that it is no longer recognizable you need to get in touch woth us. We understand that dirty rugs can create a harmful environment and this is why we deliver first-rate rug cleaning services to both home and business owners.
A dirty carpet can be home to dirt, dust, grit, allergens, mold, mildew, pet hair, and many other elements that nobody wants on a carpet. We remove all these elements for you and make sure your carpet is not only visually attractive but sanitary as well. Getting first-rate carpet cleaning services has never been easier, and we are preferred by those who need Persian carpet cleaning in Brooklyn.

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Here’s How We Clean Persian Carpets

Our Persian carpet cleaning process is easy to understand. It also won't take a long time, and at an affordable rate. A thorough cleaning could save you from getting a new carpet therefore the cleaning service will be worth the money. If you have specific cleaning instructions, we follow your diredctions to ensure your rugs are cleaned exactly how you want. The following is a brief explanation on how our Persian carpet cleaning process is done:
First, our experts will assess colorfastness and material quality. This two-part process is important, especially for older carpets. When it comes to cleaning Persian and other exotic carpets, preparation is very important. We also remove whatever loose fibers, dirt, grit, and debris we can before cleaning, as these particles can be more damaging when wet.
At this point, we wash your carpet gently, taking extra care as we know a wet carpet can get damaged easily. We only use cleaning products that are designed for Persian carpets, and refrain from doing any vigorous scrubbing. Once cleaning is over, it is dried out naturally, as this is the best drying method for Persian rugs.

When Pets Have Accidents On Persian Carpets

Most pet owners understand that the costs of keeping pets at home include having to deal with shedding, pet accidents, and pet odors.
We can be there for you when a pet has an accident or a distinct odor on your Persian carpet. Whether the stain is old or new, we can remove it efficiently2, and you'll be able to enjoy your pet and the carpet yet again. We also remove pet odors so your rug quality says top notch.